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Submissions: Submission Process

VOHC Process Following Receipt of a Submission

1. A preliminary review is performed by the VOHC Director to determine whether the submission is complete. Incomplete submissions are returned un-reviewed by Council.

2. A detailed review is conducted by the VOHC Director, who prepares a report.

3. A detailed statistical review is conducted by the VOHC Consultant Statistician, who prepares a report.

4. The submission, with the Director and Consultant Statistician reports, is reviewed by all Council Members. Comments from individual Council Members are collated by the Director,
and circulated to Council.

5. Council Members vote whether to award the Seal, to request clarification of specific items, to reject the submission, or to hold the decision for discussion at the next meeting of the Council.

6. If Council votes to award the Seal, the recommendation is forwarded to the Board of Directors of the American Veterinary Dental College for ratification.

7. When the AVDC Board of Directors has ratified the recommendation from Council to award the VOHC Seal to a product, an Agreement is signed by the product sponsor and VOHC. When both parties have signed the Agreement, the VOHC Accepted Seal may be used on the product and product advertisements. The Agreement requires that the company provides packaging and advertizing materials to VOHC for review of the wording of dental claims. Contact VOHC to obtain a copy of the current Agreement.

8. Whenever practical, Council communicates electronically. The Council holds one meeting regularly each year, during the Veterinary Dental Forum.

Time Required for Review and Decision by VOHC

In the absence of any major problems identified by Council during review of the submission, a company can expect to be informed of the VOHC decision approximately twelve weeks from the date of receipt of the submission by VOHC.


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The Veterinary Oral Health Council VOHC accepted certification mark is a registered certification mark of the Veterinary Oral Health Council.