Veterinary Oral Health Council

Protocols & Submissions: Use of the Seal

The letter notifying the company that the submission meets VOHC standards will include two copies of an Agreement, which are to be signed by the company and VOHC before use of the VOHC Seal on the product can commence. The VOHC Seal Agreement contains specific language regarding advertising, packaging, etc., for materials that include the Seal. A review copy of the Agreement will be sent on request; please contact the VOHC Office.

Draft materials showing proposed layout and text of packaging and advertisements incorporating the VOHC Seal may be submitted to the VOHC office for review at any time following receipt of the submission by VOHC.

The VOHC Seal will be provided to the Company as an electronic image. The specific claim(s) for which the Seal was awarded (plaque and/or calculus) are to be included as part of the Seal on product packaging. Inclusion of the VOHC web site URL ( below or close to the Seal on product packaging and advertisements is encouraged, and will be required in Agreements from 2004 onwards.

Use of foreign languages as part of the Seal is permitted, provided that the core of the Seal [Veterinary Oral Health Council, VOHC, Accepted] is included in English as the world-wide common logo of VOHC and the VOHC Seal system.

Inclusion of a comment on the need for/value of professional care in association with the Seal or elsewhere on packaging and advertisements is recommended.


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The Veterinary Oral Health Council VOHC accepted certification mark is a registered certification mark of the Veterinary Oral Health Council.